New Parts

You can order any of these parts by emailing us a list of the parts you require, please don't forget to include the Bin and Part numbers of the parts as well as a short description. We will then reply with a current quotation and details for payment, which can be VISA or Cheque.  On receipt of payment we will then dispatch your parts to anywhere in the world. Alternatively you can ring us on (UK) +44 (0) 1293 424447. All prices shown are in UK Pounds Stirling excluding VAT which is only payable for countries within the European Union..

The parts are organised by their plate reference number. If you have a copy of "The Gold Star Book" published by Bruce Main-Smith then you will see that the plates used on this web site are the same as in the book. (We also stock copies of this book).

Plate 1 - Engine (top end)

Plate 2 - Engine (bottom end)

Plate 3 - Gearbox

Plate 4 - Clutch and Front Chain case

Plate 5 Frame and Fittings

Plate 6 Rear Suspension

Plate 7 Front Fork and Fittings

Plate 8 Front Hub and Wheel Fittings (7"Brake - Scrambles)

Plate 9 Front Hub and Wheel Fittings (8" Brake - Clubmans)

Plate 10 Front Hub and Wheel Fittings (190mm Brake)

Plate 11 Rear Hub and Wheel Fittings

Plate 12 Mudguards, Chain-guard, Oil Tank, Silencer, Rear Brake Control

Plate 13 Petrol Tank, Handlebar, Tool Box, Dual Seat, Mudguards, Rear Brake Controls

Plate 14 Handlebars , Hand Rail & Oil Tank (Central Fitting)

Plate 15 Electrical Equipment


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